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Our company offer various of beauty divices, such as Ultrasound Fat Cavitation System, IPL/SHR/OPT Hair Removal System, PDT Therapy Beauty System, Derma Pen & Derma Rolling System, RF Face Lift System, Multifunctional Aesthetic Devices, and other beauty devices.
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SHENZHEN HIRICH TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Is a professional manufacturer with OEM/ODM service for the distributors all over the world. Our factory dedicated to R & D and production on beauty devices.  We insist on management philosophy “Honest, Innovation, Profession, Team”, to make a better future and miracle by our best quality and service. Our main products are Ultrasound Fat Cavitation System, IPL/SHR/OPT Hair Removal System, PDT Therapy Beauty System, Derma Pen & Derma Rolling System, RF Face Lift System, Multifunctional Aesthetic Devices, and other beauty devices. Our factory will offer excellent quality and reasonable price.   
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Our best-selling products are body slimming divices, home use beauty divices, facial beauty divices and other beauty divices, which are loved by exquisite ladies from all over the world.
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There are many kinds of beauty instruments, and each instrument has many functions. When caring for the skin, the instruments that the skin needs most are often selected to solve the most prominent problems of the skin, especially some instruments that pass through the body when using current. It is best not to use several instruments continuously to avoid excessive skin stimulation and damage. Let's take a look at their effects: 1. The main functions of the vacuum sipping device are: absorbing acne; absorbing excess dirt and oil in the pores to keep the pores unblocked and comfortable; providing deep human permeability massage, which can improve facial blood circulation and lymphatic circulation。 2. Wool turn brush: its young fine hair can deeply remove dust, cosmetics and other waste secreted by the skin itself from the pores of the skin. At the same time, it can brush off part of the cuticle that is about to peel off to accelerate metabolism without harming the skin. 3. Sponge rotary brush: can be used in scrub cream desquamation, which can not only be more uniform and comprehensive desquamation, but also has massage effect. High frequency electrotherapy instrument (direct and indirect) Direct type: disinfection and sterilization, can reduce sebum secretion, promote skin tissue healing, and at the same time both soothe and sedative effect, especially suitable for oily acne acne skin. Indirect: also known as Vienna massage, for mature and aging, poorly absorbed skin can stimulate blood circulation, enhance gland activity, and restore skin tissue vitality. 4. Anion and anion electrotherapy instrument (osmotic method and descaling method can be used) Osmosis method: Use a safe, low-voltage DC current to guide acidic water-soluble products into the human body, combine with anions in the tissue fluid in the body, and strengthen the absorption of the skin. Descaling method: Use electric current to guide alkaline water-soluble products into the human body, and react with harmful cations in the body (; precipitated pigments in pores, residual metal ions in cosmetics, etc. are mostly cations), so that the skin can be deeply cleaned.
Exilis sliming machine
Exilis sliming machine
Losing weight today will no longer be difficult because you have chosen the right way to lose weight and use this slimper to restore your lightning devil figure.
Fat Freeze Slimming Machine
Fat Freeze Slimming Machine
More Advantage of Fat Freeze Slimming Machine1.More powerful than Liposuction.Liposuction is painful surgical treatment that involves a long and uncomfortable recovery time.Fat Freezing reduces f...
Neo magnetic slim Machine
Neo magnetic slim Machine
What is Neo magnetic slimming? Neo magnetic Thin is a device that eliminates fat cells and increases muscle non-invasively through the combination of synchronized radio frequency heating and high-inte...
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Provide customized LOGO on equipment and packaging.
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We apply for a lot of validation for our beauty products, Such as CAVITATION RADIOFREQUENCY SYSTEM, EC-EMC, EU for hair removal&rejuvenation instrument, Cavitation RF System, Hydrodermabrasion Machine and other CER.

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