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The working principle of the five-in-one fat blaster
Time: Nov 30, 2021

The working principle of the five-in-one fat blaster is to act on the deep fat by producing a biothermal effect, which can soften, shrink, decompose and burn the deep fat.

Especially for intractable muscle fat mixed fat (commonly known as five flower belly type), visceral hidden fat has the incomparable effect of other instruments. At the same time, the ultra-micro wave of the five-in-one fat blaster can increase the temperature of the deep tissues of the human body, activate the lymph nodes and expand the lymphatic capillaries, and take away the decomposed fat droplets and other metabolites through the accelerated flow of lymph. Negative pressure and bionic micro-current have extraordinary effects on tightening and shaping, lifting buttocks and abdomen, and restoring muscle elasticity.


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